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“I’m 15 and I wet the bed. I called my doctor, but they told me they couldn’t help at the moment because it’s not an emergency.” Quote from online forum for teenagers. 

The helpline is the busiest it has ever been. With the NHS under huge pressure because of the never-ending pandemic and the usual seasonal increase in demand, families have been left to fend for themselves.

Child in needERIC has become a lifeline for families affected by childhood bowel and bladder conditions. But without your support, we can't provide the emotional support and expert advice young people desperately need. If we do nothing, their well-being and their mental health will deteriorate with each passing day, their education will suffer and their future will be compromised.

While the team of experts is responding to more calls for help than ever before, only one family out of three manages to get through on the helpline.

With your help, we can recruit more experts to volunteer on the helpline.

Will you make a gift this Christmas to help children and teenagers whose lives are plagued by wetting and soiling problems? 

It costs £2,000 to recruit, train, and equip a new volunteer. We rely on your kindness, your compassion, and your generosity to help young people who will continue to suffer alone if we do nothing. 

We know how to help those families but we can only do it with your support.

Your donation will transform the lives of children. You have the power to give what a  young person wants more than anything. A life free from the shame, embarrassment, isolation, and fear those cruel childhood medical conditions often cause. 

Please give what you can today because young people need you. Because to them, your support means everything.