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I have been bedwetting since I can remember. I used to not tell my mum and I went to bed with wet pyjamas and wet bedding as I didn’t want to tell her because I was too embarrassed. Eventually my mum found out and the only reason she was angry was because I hadn’t told her earlier.

I hated going to sleepovers because I would have to wear pull ups which were uncomfortable and made me terrified to sleep. I had to try and hide the fact I was using pull ups and I was so scared of my friends finding out.

I remember once I went on a school trip away from home and every morning I had to go to a teacher’s room and give them my used pull up. I remember trying to be as secretive as possible because I didn’t want anyone to see.

I continued to wet the bed even when I started Primary School. This was hard as my brother teased me and I had no one but my mum to confide in. I woke up night after night, and had to wake my mum up and get new sheets because I'd wet the bed.

This is when I started seeing the doctor. I thought it would be embarrassing but she was lovely and made me feel comfortable. I went there for two years and ended up using a bedwetting alarm which took a while but it worked. However, it was hard because I had to hope that my brother wouldn’t see and I couldn’t go to sleepovers. It was worth it in the end.

I have now stopped wetting the bed for two years, but occasionally it still happens. At the age of 16, I still don’t like going to sleepovers out of fear of wetting the bed but I haven’t because I went and got professional help. I know it's hard to approach people about it but it is so worth it, it makes you realise you aren’t alone.

One day I was feeling really alone about wetting the bed and I started to search the internet to see if there was anyone to talk to and I came across ERIC’s website. I read their information about bedwetting and that reinforced to me that it wasn’t my fault, which helped me accept bedwetting more.

I can now turn my lengthy and embarrassing experience into help for those who are going through what I went through. It means I can turn my experience into a positive one and make sure other people get the support from people their age that I didn’t get.