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The Teens section of our website was developed after talking directly to teenagers with bowel and bladder problems.

A team of researchers at the University of Bristol ran a project called 'Risk factors and Outcomes associated with Continence problems in Children and Adolescents', or ROCCA for short. The research was funded by the Medical Research Council and aimed to investigate the impact of continence problems on teenagers' everyday lives.

The team interviewed teenagers of different ages who had been affected by various bowel and bladder conditions. The young people said that it was hard to find information about their problem and experiences of other people going through the same thing.

We've based our information on the issues they said matter to them the most: how to get the right help and support, deciding who to tell about a problem and how to deal with it at home and at school. Throughout the pages you'll find real-life experiences from teenagers with bowel and bladder problems.

The pages were produced by researchers Katie Whale, Helen Cramer and Carol Joinson, with support from the ROCCA project steering group.

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