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The adviser I spoke to was lovely. She took the time to have a lengthy conversation with me and was very knowledgable about my daughter’s condition. On her advice, I purchased an alarm from the website, which worked a treat. My daughter is now dry through the night and she is so much happier (as am I!). Parent, November 2020

I have already recommended it to my cousins who has a boy who is 7. We have been using it for 14 days and already have had 3 nights where he pre-empted needing a wee and woke up before the alarm for the entire night...This is life changing as before we were changing 2 sets of sheets every night and had never had a dry night.

We’ve also had multiple nights where the alarm has woken him and he’s run to the toilet with just a couple of drips- still dry sheets. That in itself is life changing. It isn’t linear because children aren’t but it’s a massive improvement and life changing for me as a mum of two. So happy with the product and would wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you, and I appreciate you responding to my feedback about timelines for it arriving. Sophie, May 2021

I was looking for a bed alarm, however it was only with much appreciated help from a staff member that I had any idea how they differed or what to buy. My boy used the alarm for about six weeks (or might have been less) and is now dry at night which is fantastic. Thanks for your help. Cassandra, January 2021

My seven year old daughter was wetting the bed at least once a night and we’d gone back to using pull ups again, which she was really embarrassed by.
When we ordered the alarm, I was fully prepared for it to take weeks to see an improvement, but I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. Within
3 nights, she had her first dry night and she was so happy and proud! We kept using the alarm for another 3 weeks, but she didn’t have another wet night. 5 months later and bed wetting is a distant memory. The alarm was really easy to use. She was able to set it and turn it off by herself and it woke her up almost instantly when it went off - a minor miracle for such a deep sleeper!
By the second night, although she’d wet the bed a little bit, she was able to hold some in and managed to make it to the toilet. By the third night, she was pre-empting the alarm and waking herself to go to the toilet in the night. I take it for granted now that she and I can have an undisturbed night’s sleep, with no 2am bed changing! Bliss! If I’d known how easy and effective the alarm would be, I would have ordered one much earlier. Jessie, January 2021

I called the helpline last week and wanted to share some feedback with you. I called up about my 4 year old daughter who has been having lots of accidents again after a month long dry spell and I was a wreck. In fact within a few mins of speaking to the advisor I was crying with relief as it all came out. She was amazing...She told me what to ask of the school, suggested a watch to buy and answered all my many random questions.

Since that day Juliette has had almost no accidents and I feel like we actually have a plan. The watch has been a godsend. She loves how it tickles her and it’s also taking the stress off me and her teacher to do the reminders. I know that this is a long game and that there will be (many) more slip ups but I have had almost a week of clean knickers and dry sheets and no awful conversations at the end of the day with her teacher. I can’t thank the helpline and that advisor enough. Please pass on my thanks to her if you are able to track her down, and also know how amazing your helpline is for families... You are all superheroes. Parent, March 2021 

Brolly sheets are really needed for us at the minute. They are washed daily but such good quality they will last and do a great job of keeping the bed dry. Shop customer, February 2021

This book (A Boy Like You) was for my 6 year old grandson who has this condition and is really struggling at school as they are not accommodating his condition! It has helped my grandson, (his self esteem has been on the floor) and his parents have also benefited from reading it and gained even more insight. Thank you to your website authors and charity. I WILL recommend. Shop customer, January 2021

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