Malem body-worn recordable bedwetting alarm (M05)

Malem body-worn bedwetting alarm (M05) is four alarms in one. It is designed to maximise effectiveness by providing the ability to record your own sounds, music or personal message or a selectable combination of sounds and/or vibration.

The record function is helpful when treating more demanding situations or for children with certain learning difficulties. Some children respond better to their own music, sound or personal message. This will be played when the alarm is activated. 

The alarm has all of the following features:

  • Record your own sounds, music or personal message
  • Eight random sounds to prevent child becoming used to just one sound
  • Sound only / sound and vibration/ vibration only
  • Flashing light
  • Day or night use

After being woken up over several nights, the child will either wake up before they do a wee or will learn to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. 

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