Is it just me?

If you have a bowel or bladder problem, you're definitely not alone and help is available. Read more

Information on bowel and bladder problems

Information about bowel and bladder conditions that affect young people such as constipation, soiling, daytime wetting accidents and bedwetting. Read more

Who can help me?

If you're a young person, find out about the different people who can help you with your bladder or bowel problem. Read more

Appointments & treatment

Here's what to expect when you go to see a doctor or nurse about a continence problem, plus tips for a good appointment. Read more

What if my doctor says there's nothing wrong?

Find out what you can do if your doctor or nurse doesn't accept that you have a bowel or bladder condition. Read more

Should I tell my friends?

Sometimes it's helpful to talk to your friends about your weeing or pooing problem. Find out how other teenagers dealt with this issue. Read more

How do I tell my friends?

If you're not sure how to tell your friends about your bowel or bladder condition, read these tips from other teenagers. Read more

Should I tell my teachers?

If you tell your teacher about your continence problem, they should be able to help you manage it at school. Read more

Dealing with my problem at school

Tips from other teenagers on how to handle a bowel or bladder problem at school. Read more

Dealing with my problem on nights away

Going on a school trip or sleepover? Don’t panic! Find out what you can do to manage your bowel or bladder problem when you’re not at home. Read more

About the Teens section

Our web pages helping teenagers with bowel and bladder problems were developed after talking directly to young people with experience of these issues. Read more