Elizabeth's story

ERIC's helpline became a lifeline for Elizabeth whilst she persevered with getting treatment for her son Harry’s bedwetting. Read more

Angela's story

Angela has seen a huge positive change in her daughter Rosie's self-esteem since she became dry at night. Read more

Jo's story

Jo’s daughter Flo first became constipated at two-years-old. Her impacted bowel led on to daytime wetting and soiling accidents. Read more

Sarah's story

Sarah’s nine-year-old daughter Pip has had a poo problem for about four and a half years. Read more

Emma's story

Emma shares her daughter Izzy’s story of chronic constipation and of finding support from ERIC. Read more

Sally's story

Sally's daughter Mathilda's bedwetting is a daily struggle that Sally wishes was taken more seriously. Read more

Jackie's story

Jackie got help from a parent support group to help her daughter Isobel stop wetting the bed. Read more

Clare's story

Clare's five-year-old son Euan has had constipation since he was a toddler. Read more

Helen's story

Helen found strength through ERIC to manage her daughter Onnee’s poo problems. Read more

Helen and Sophie's story

Helen's daughter Sophie has constipation. She received support from ERIC’s helpline to get her through the hardest times. Read more

Pam's story

Pam's son Luke started wetting the bed when he received treatment for leukaemia. Read more

Francesca's story

Francesca's son Tom's bedwetting was the biggest single issue she thought about. Read more

Veronica's story

Veronica has a wetting problem and her son has continence problems and special needs. Read more

Lee's story

Lee's 14 year-old son Felix has suffered with bedwetting and daytime wetting for many years. Read more

Anna's story

Anna developed necrotising encolitis as a baby and has a very short gut, so needs to go to the toilet many times every day. Read more

Andrea's story

Andrea wet the bed through her teens and twenties before eventually finding a solution in her thirties. Read more

Connor's story

Connor,16, struggled with bedwetting for most of his life. Read more

Ian's story

Ian has finally gained control of his bowel movements. Read more

Amelia's story

Amelia, 16, has wet the bed since she was little and used to feel isolated and alone with her problem. Read more

Justine's story

Justine found out she had 'giggle incontinence'. Read more