What causes bedwetting?

There are three main reasons why an estimated half a million children and young people in the UK struggle with bedwetting. Find out more about the underlying causes. Read more

Treating bedwetting

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Daytime wetting: FAQs

Answers to common questions about daytime wetting in children covering drinks, frequency, how boys should wee, special toilet seats, holding on and nappies. Read more

Causes of daytime wetting

Daytime wetting has several potential causes. It’s important to know the reason why wee accidents are happening in order to properly treat the child. Read more

How to stop or manage daytime wetting

For your child to stop having wetting accidents they need to drink plenty, exercise the bladder and relax. They might need medication and other treatment too. Read more

Bedwetting: FAQs

Answers to common bedwetting questions covering wearing pull-ups, treatment including Desmopressin & alarms, lifting, teenage denial and nights away from home. Read more