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Innovative potty training brand, Dry Like Me, is raising awareness of its ‘worn in own pants’ pads with its first TV campaign, which has been directed by award-winning director, Karen Cunningham.

Featuring a class of toddlers being taught how to potty train by an older child, it uses humour to deliver the message that Dry Like Me potty training pads can help get children out of nappies and into proper pants. The 30 second advertisement is being aired on some of the biggest channels for those about to start potty training, including Disney Junior, Nick JR, Boomerang, Cartoonito and Tiny Pop.

You can see it at www.drylikeme.com/tv-advert

Dry Like Me potty training pads were developed by entrepreneur mums, Judith Hough and Diane Titterton, when they couldn’t find anything that helped to move their potty training children away from nappies and into their own pants. They carried out independent research which showed the pads reduced accidents after only one week and got their first supermarket listing in 2011.

The Dry Like Me range was extended in 2014 to include ‘Early Days’ and ‘Night-Time’ products and the pads are now sold through the majority of supermarkets and in the ERIC online shop.

Comments co-founder Judith Hough: "Dry Like Me pads are very different to other products on the market and have answered a real need. We are using the TV campaign to communicate the product differences and advantages to build awareness and sales amongst our target customers.

"Potty training is starting later and lasting longer, with some children still in nappies when they start school, and parents are looking for a solution.”

Dry Like Me potty training pads have been designed to be soft and comfortable for children, and one size fits all ages. They are recommended by health professionals and endorsed by children's continence charity, ERIC.

For further information on Dry Like Me see www.drylikeme.com

Issued on behalf of Dry Like Me by Love PR and Marketing. For further information contact Alison Love at [email protected] or 01299 896766.