Joe Evans Finance & Systems ManagerI joined ERIC in July 2021, taking on the role of Finance and Support Services Manager. I’ve been working in charity finance management for some years now and I’ve previously worked in education and in the private sector, so I have a fairly broad range of experience to bring to this post.

My role with ERIC is about making sure that the systems and services behind the scenes provide the right information and support for the people who are doing the real work of the charity, helping the organisation to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

I’m really happy to be working for ERIC. To me this is exactly what a charity should be: focussed, full of expertise and ready to share that knowledge in as many ways as possible. It’s great to see the charity working not just with parents and children but with the NHS, schools and other organisations. And as a parent of two, I can well imagine what a lifeline ERIC must be for families.