Charmaine ChampCharmaine is a Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities (RNLD Diploma in Health and Social Work), with a BSc (Hons) Community Nurse Specialist Practice Degree and a Diploma in the Promotion of Continence and Management of Incontinence, achieving: Positive Practices in Behavioural Support IABA. She is the author of two books and has over 21 years’ experience in supporting adults, children who have a learning disability, autism, complex needs and special educational needs, as well as children of all ages - and their families – within a multidisciplinary approach, to achieve toileting success.

Charmaine has worked as a Continence Consultant and Trainer in clinics, nurseries, pre-schools, mainstream schools, special educational needs schools and care homes as well as supporting families and care staff with individual children, within the family home. She has developed skills in alternative communication approaches, motivating children with behavioural approaches, incorporating sensory approaches, offering dietetic advice, reviewing toileting equipment with occupational therapists and social services and overcoming toilet access obstacles.

Charmaine is passionate about promoting dual bowel and bladder continence and toileting success, because of the great benefits it brings to the child in terms of self-esteem, readiness for learning, health and hygiene and because of the social and economic benefits it brings to families and carers, in addition to reduced physical demands in caring.