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Join us for four short live webinars on Zoom this January, where one of ERIC's potty training experts will be on hand to guide you through all the basics of potty training and ensure you get off on the right start with this important stage in your toddlers' life.

We'll tackle all the common questions and problems that crop up and dispel the myths and bad advice that is often shared with new parents.

There’s no gimmicks, promises of 3 day miracles or expensive manuals. Just solid, evidence-based information which recognises the role of everyone involved.  

You do not need to attend all the sessions, if you miss one that is ok. Handouts will be circulated after each session relating to the topics.

We are grateful to the Trustees of the Novia Foundation for helping to make this online webinar series possible.

Live event dates

Our potty training expert will be on hand to answer your questions in a live Q&A after each webinar.

We'll be streaming live on the following dates from 10.30am:

Tuesday 12th January - Knowing how to spot the signs of readiness

Tuesday 19th January - Preparing your child for potty training

Tuesday 26th January - Getting going with toilet training

Tuesday 2nd February - Troubleshooting, regression and night-time dryness

About Let's Go Potty

Guiding young children to become independently toilet trained can be one of the most stressful parenting challenges. Let’s Go Potty mission is to support families as they embark on this key milestone, reduce stress and make it a positive experience for everyone.

We want everyone supporting a child or family with potty training to have the confidence and knowledge to: 

  • Look for signs of readiness for potty training from 18 months 
  • Feel empowered to establish good bladder and bowel health in all children from babyhood  
  • Know where to access resources and support, especially if things don’t go to plan 
  • Reduce the number of nappies and wipes going to landfill each year 
  • Reverse the trend of children reaching school age still wearing nappies 

We want to promote a better understanding of toilet training as an important element in the healthy development of toddlers, fostering their independence and self-esteem and laying  a strong foundation for lifelong good bowel and bladder health.

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