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Rachy's son Jacob took a little while to get the hang of potty training. From one parent to another, she shares their story and provides a positive, reassuring message. 

Rachy and her son Jacob

Just a year ago I felt as though I had all the troubles in the world on my shoulder as a new, inexperienced mother - my little boy didn’t know how to go to the toilet..

Toilet versus potty

I could blame my upbringing, as from being a very small girl, my mother brought my sister and I up to go straight to the toilet and completely miss the potty stage out. So it’ll come as no surprise that I wanted to follow my genetic impulses and as such try this too - after all eventually we all have to make that leap, right?

Tears and disappointment

At first (as you can probably imagine) it was fireworks, tears and general disappointment - just as I imagined using the potty for the first time would be like! Children are scared when it comes to using something for the first time and it takes familiarity to give them that contentment which they need to overcome these potential

Looking for motivation 

With that being said, after sitting back and releasing an air of breath only then would I gradually notice improvements as things became more familiar to him. It was at that point that I was able to introduce a ‘little’ motivation into his routine; Cars, stickers and ping pong balls, we tried everything! Believe it or not, the ping pong balls were the most successful story, as who doesn’t LOVE hearing the sound they make when they come into contact with, well anything!

Trying the Pooland app 

I exhausted every blog to find something that could work for Jacob and also something that he could develop with. I spoke to a mother at the nursery my son attends who recommended the Pooland App. It visually explains the signs to look for when your little one is struggling and also where their poo goes when a simple “Jacob, You’re poo has to come out” doesn’t work.

The Pooland App visually explains the signs to look for when your little one is struggling

It worked for a while and there are definitely areas of that app which has resonated with him.
Now when he flushes the toilet he screams “Bye bye poo, enjoy your time in pooland with your mummy and daddy!” Which is very cute!

Learning together 

I’m no expert, however, in fact I have been (and still am) an unsure mum. But I have come to a more comfortable agreement with him now in regards to toilet training and he understands that feeling in his tummy - not always though! There has been many messy times, but he is getting there. We have come on leaps and bounds from where we began, and that’s exactly what it is, a journey..

We have come on leaps and bounds from where we began.

You are enough! 

From one parent to another I say: As long as there are still kind, non-judgemental people out there to remind you that ‘to err is to human’ and that we as new mums and dads don’t always get it right the first time and what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for the other, if you keep remembering that there are good people like this out there then you’ll do absolutely fine. 

Mother and son kissing

Before you know, the stress of potty training will all be over. Like my mum always used to say “They won’t be in nappies at 18 will they?” And it’s so true. Everything takes time and children develop in different stages at entirely different times, so it’s normal. You can now take a deep breath and just chill, just a little.
No one should feel like they’re not good enough just because they struggle and as a result put way too much pressure on themselves.

You’re doing great! You got this! Do you, stay true and keep being incredibly awesome mothers and fathers!

Rachelle Stanley is a lifestyle, beauty & fashion blogger
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