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Let's Go Potty

Let's Go Potty is dedicated to supporting families and anyone working with young children with every stage of the potty training journey from nappies to pants.

Praise and rewards are a brilliant way to help your child make as smooth a transition as possible from nappies to pants. Even at the preparation stage of the potty training process, you can capture their interest by rewarding them for simple things like getting dressed and washing their hands after a nappy change.

Young children respond best to instant rewards such as a sticker or lucky dip bag of inexpensive little things you can wrap up.  

At first, a reward even just for sitting on the potty should be enough to help them feel it’s something worth complying with!  

Avoid telling your child off or punishing them for having accidents – this is all part of the potty training process and your child isn’t being naughty. It’s also best to avoid only praising or rewarding them for keeping their pants clean and dry as this can be demotivating for a child who feels they are trying their best to get it right.  

By focusing praise and reward on the things your child can achieve rather than the set-backs, they should stay motivated to keep going and incentivised to move on to the next step.