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Let's Go Potty

Let's Go Potty is dedicated to supporting families and anyone working with young children with every stage of the potty training journey from nappies to pants.

The key to maximising the chance of getting a wee in the potty when you first take your child’s nappy off is all down to the preparation stage. Here are some steps you should take before ‘nappy off’ day:  

Check whether your child is physically ready: Able to sit on toilet/potty for long enough, are they doing a regular soft poo and can their bladder store wee for at least 1.5 hours?  

Help them to start making connections: place some folded up kitchen roll in their nappy or in their pants so they learn to associate weeing with being wet.   

Make sure they are drinking well: giving them 6-8 cups of water based fluid throughout the day will help them to get a good, strong full bladder signal which they will learn to respond to.   

Talk about wee and poo: read picture books together to give your child an understanding of what is going to be expected of them when their nappy has gone.     

Go for it! Encourage them to have ‘potty time’ at regular intervals when you know they should be ready to let go of a wee. When they first wake up in the morning, and an hour or two after they last went.   

Make it fun so they are happy and relaxed about sitting on the potty – have a bag of washable toys ready to explore whilst sitting on the potty.