On Christmas day, thousands of children like Mathilda will wake up in a cold wet bed. Please donate now to help us answer their call for help.

At an age when children look forward to their next sleepover, for Mathilda, 8, a school trip or a Brownie camp fills her with fear.

Every morning Mathilda wakes up with a cloud hanging over her head, knowing she's wet the bed and she smells. It's not a nice way for a child to open their eyes and start the day. A child doesn't need the emotional baggage at such a young age. (Mathilda's Mum, Sally)

Parents have to be patient and understanding and it's not always easy. Sally told us: "After loading the washing machine for the tenth time this week, I feel like crying. Not for me, for her, because she has to bear this struggle. ERIC's advisors are caring and knowledgeable. When you have a bad day, a friendly voice at the end of the phone makes a huge difference. It keeps you sane."

Please donate what you can today to ERIC's Christmas Appeal so that children like Mathilda get the support they desperately need to overcome their wetting or soiling issues.

Together we will create an environment where all children and teenagers with continence problems can access support and live a life free of shame, embarrassment, isolation and fear.