As the number of children, teenagers, families and professionals who come to ERIC for support continues to climb, your support has never been more crucial. 

Getting help for childhood bowel and bladder issues is not easy. Many parents try and fail to get help from their GP or school nurse. ERIC is often the only place young people can turn to for information and resources to better manage or overcome wetting and soiling difficulties which can take many months. Without support, families' well-being is often compromised. 

A monthly or one-off donation will help ERIC ensure that everyone who comes for help gets it. With support children and teenagers can overcome or better manage a bladder or bowel condition so that they can flourish and live life to the full.

ERIC is our new best friend, we discovered it last week when scrambling for information for a longstanding problem my partner's son has been suffering with. ERIC's advice is the most comprehensive and informed we've come across. Finally we know what we're dealing with and how to overcome it. Thank you so much.

Please donate today to make a real difference to a young person's life.