No family should be left coping with a continence problem unsupported and alone at Christmas or any other time of the year.

Your donation to ERIC can make a massive difference to the lives of children who face continence challenges and the families who care for them.

Rising need during a challenging year

Despite the challenges of this year, ERIC has continued to be here for those who need us.

With NHS services stretched almost to breaking point, and families cut off from their usual support networks, the demand for our helpline has been higher than ever.

“It’s been very distressing and lonely. No clarity, no consistent support from primary care and it’s time consuming trying to through to our GP surgery. The support from the ERIC helpline has been invaluable as they understand exactly what we’re going through.” Sarah – helpline caller.

Help us answer more calls

To meet this urgent need, with your help, we can recruit and train more volunteers to work alongside our helpline advisors.  With no funding from central government we need your support to keep our helpline running in 2021.

Give families the gift of being listened to, understood and empowered to treat or manage their child’s bladder and bowel problem.