Tackling the challenges of bowel and bladder conditions together, for young lives free of shame and fear.

Help us to answer every call for help and raise awareness of the impact on children facing continence issues. 

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Parents and carers


Author: Kerry Vevers

Early years and education professionals


Author: Kerry Vevers

Healthcare professionals


Author: Kerry Vevers

Helpline podcast

Informal and judgement-free discussions answering the most commonly asked questions by callers to the ERIC helpline on a whole range of toileting issues.


Author: Alina Lynden

Guides to children's bowel and bladder problems

Resources and leaflets to help with potty training, daytime wetting, bedwetting and bowel problems.


Author: Kerry Vevers

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    We're Poo and Wee and we want to show you how to keep your bowel and bladder healthy. Read more

  • Shop for continence products

    Over 200 continence products to help your child overcome or manage their bowel or bladder problem Read more

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    The Bladder and Bowel Community have ditched the plastic. The Original Blue Card Has Now Gone Green! Introducing the NEW Digital Just Can’t Wait card. Read more

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