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A selection of leaflets  are downloadable for free by clicking this link
These Include

E1 - ERIC's Guide To Children's Bowel Problems 
E2 - ERIC's Guide To Potty Training
E3 - Thinking About Wee & Poo Now You've Reached The Age Of 2
E4 - Thinking About Wee & Poo Now You're On Your Way To School!
E5 - ERIC's guide to childhood daytime wetting
E6 - Pelvic Floor Awareness - a guide for teenagers
E7 - ERIC's Guide To Teenage Bedwetting
E8 - Nights Away No Worries
E9 - The Right To Go
E10 -Wee & Poo Postcards
E11 -Sam's Story
E12 -Catalogue
We are happy to supply a 5 kg package (approx 400) leaflets free of charge.
This does cost the Charity £9.85 to send them so any donation you felt you could make would be most welcome. Thank you.
For larger quantities please phone our customer service team on 0117 301 2100 or email for details.


Free to download leaflets
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