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Educating class teacher about toiletting issues!
by Anonymous - 11 Nov 11 - 22:52
Help I need some advice/facts/figures etc in order to try and get my 10year olds teacher to realise that there are some children who still have toiletting problems at the age of 8, 10, 12 for example. The teacher told me that my child needs to grow up, act age appropriate and stop having accidents ( - as if you can just wave a magicwand!!!) , when the teacher told we this I was very tempted to say well wake up and smell the coffee and welcome to the real world!!!! Instead of saying that I thought it might be useful to get facts/figures/% etc so that I might be able to educate the teacher .
Educating class teacher about toiletting issues!
by Anonymous - 18 Nov 11 - 13:52
Hiya, have you been to the doctors about the accidents? is it medical reasons for the problems? With my son the problem is medical. In the end i had a meeting with the head and SENCO and discussed the reason behind the daytime accidents (and the other problems incl lack of social-interation, poor fine motor skills ). Apparently about 1 in 100 children age 11 plus have daytime accidents - i said to the head,maybe the staff in the school have only ever taught the other 99 children!!! Good luck hope you are able to get them to be more understanding.
Educating class teacher about toiletting issues!
by Anonymous - 23 Nov 11 - 12:52
Get on to your local continence promotion service, the school nurse should be able to point you in the right direction. Hopefully they should be able to help you liaise with school and even may be able to arrange for a care plan for them in school. Teaching staff are very often uneducated about continence issues and in their defence, I suppose you don't know what you don't know. However, if someone can educate this particular teacher that your child may have an overactive bladder, recurrent UTI, constipation causing bladder instability or a number of other reasons why she may be wetting, then the teacher may be more inclined to be more understanding! Bladder issues in 10 years olds are common, I see lots of them in my clinics, and having teaching staff who are unwilling to help definitely makes the problem worse!
Educating class teacher about toiletting issues!
by Anonymous - 07 Feb 12 - 15:34
The problem is many teachers still believe that children with chronic constipation and soiling are having accidents becasue they are 'dirty' , 'stupid' or 'lazy' who's parents don't know what vegetables are!!!
It is a bit like blaming the parents of children who have asthma for not teaching them to breath properly!!
Unfortunately there are still members of the medical /nursing profession who feel like this despite the NICE guidelines
At the end of the day, schools are suposed to make reasonalbe provision for children with disabilites and this includes continence issues. No school would exclude a child with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc.

If your are told by an education provide that they cannot help, substitute the word asthma for soiling and see if the arguewmtn holds up
All LEAs should have a policy in place

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