ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008
ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008

About ERIC

ERIC was started by the Children’s Society in 1988 and we are the only UK childhood continence charity.

We work to improve the quality of life of children, young people and their families in the UK who suffer from the consequences of wetting and soiling difficulties, to help them manage or overcome these problems. We believe that no child or young person should suffer unnecessarily because of a wetting or soiling problem. 


ERIC provides information, support and resources to children, young people and their families and health professionals on bladder and bowel problems.

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ERIC's confidential Helpline is available on 0845 370 8008 (Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.30am - 4.30pm)  for information and support on childhood bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling or potty training. You can also email us or text us on 447 624 811 636.


ERIC runs training seminars for health and other professionals and holds a Conference every two years. For further information go to ERIC's training pages.

Our Web Shop

ERIC's online shop has a wide range of resources and products for children's bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation and potty training.
We sell bedwetting alarms, daytime pants, bedding protection and literature. View our complete product range or request a catalogue from our online shop.
All proceeds from the sale of goods help fund ERIC's vital work, confidential impartial helpline and ongoing support of children, families and health professionals.

ERIC Team and Committees

ERIC's staff team are based at our Bristol office.
We are supported in our work by a Board of Trustees and a Professional Advisory Committee.
To find out more about becoming a member of these committees email

How we raise money

ERIC relies on donations from individuals, companies and trusts to undertake its work. To find out more about how we raise money, visit our Fundraising pages.



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